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Zombie Books – Zombie Killing Stoners Save Lower Manhattan

We love zombie books, but noticed a disturbing trend. Have you ever noticed that a great many ZomPoc stories lean to the ‘Right’? One can almost imagine a round little kid from Colorado screaming, “God damn Hippeyes” between the lines. So much Zombie fiction is full of liberal bashing, tp-repub-neo-chris-con-bible-thumping, saber-rattling, racist, homophobic, macho, and dick-measuring. So many authors of otherwise ok zombie books seem to believe that all women are helpless, and we should all “say no to drugs.”


Enter the Zombie Killing Stoners zombie books.

Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess

The ZomPoc has hit New York City like the ‘A’ train plowing into a baby stroller. A high rise at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan has become the center of the universe for a group of survivors who think outside the box, and everyone understands the smoke signals from inside the bowl.

Lots of Zombies (no duh, it’s the Big Apple dumbass). Explosions. Awesome Views. Big Guns. Big Drag Queens. Kind Bud. Hot Babes. Mormons. Hot Not Babes. More Zombies. Laughs. Musicians. Thespians. Millionaires. Dogs. If these stories don’t have it, C & The Professor will go out and get it with some help from their loyal and imminently resourceful henchwoman Miss Smiley.

$1.99 Kindle ebook

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Episode 2: The Coming Storm

After the Zompoc a group of survivors joins ranks in Lower Manhattan. A motley crew of neighbors in a luxury high rise at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge now need to think about what comes next and whether to stay or go. Luckily there is plenty of weed, plenty of guns, and enough sharp metal objects to keep the Zombies at bay.

If they can just stop arguing long enough to pass the bowl, they might just make it through alive. Along the way, the group expands as they encounter new people, new places, and new ideas.

$1.99 Kindle ebook

OR $1.99 in all other formats at Smashwords.

Anyone and anything is fair game for us to poke fun at, absolutely nothing is sacred. So sit back, do whatever works for you to free your mind and don’t take this too seriously, it’s mental masturbation… not the end of the weed.