ZKS Episode 2 Is About To Drop

zombie killing stoners

ZKS Episode 2 (Zombie Killing Stoners) Is About To Drop on Amazon!

ZKS bookcover

Yes, it’s true! New Zombie tales are coming.

We finally finished formatting the new Zombie Killing Stoners and the lovely Liz Torres created our awesome cover, social media profile pix, and a new brand identity for ZKS. See our new blog header? Nice.

But on to the second episode, The Coming Storm.

We rejoin Woods, Divsha, Polly and the gang from Lower Manhattan in the days after the Zompoc.

You will also meet some new intrepid characters,

Lots of pot is smoked, lots of Zombies are killed, and plans are made.

Will they bug in or bug out? Who will live and who will die?

Find out soon!


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