We Joined The First Church of Cannabis

We Joined The First Church of Cannabis

C Che and I have questioned organized religion for years. While I do identify as Jewish, and in fact organized the Jewish Community on the small Caribbean island where we lived for a few years, I have trouble with the dogma of orthodoxy. C Che was raised southern Baptist, but lately has identified as Buddhist.

I lean toward Buddhism as well, specifically Tibetan Buddhism. I find the teachings and the mantras to be helpful. Here is a healing Medicine Buddha Mantra.

And then, in the midst of a totally insane moment in the US where more and more people seem sure of their protected right to discriminate, the First Church of Cannabis was born. Minister of Love and Grand Poobah Bill Levin started the church when the state of Indiana passed a “Religious Protection Law,” giving business owners the right to discriminate based on religious belief. But Levin saw an opening. If he could form a recognized Church devoted to Cannabis in the state of Indiana, wouldn’t the Religious Protection Law ensure that members could have their sacrament? That they could worship by smoking cannabis?

We joined as soon as we could, and can’t wait to actually attend a service, either at the church or somewhere else, as they travel. So far there has been a wedding in the Church, but still no marijuana.

Levin is being smart by respecting the law and building up the Church as a place of worship and of support for members and the community. The wedding was just the start. Levin recently sued the state to allow marijuana consumption in the church, as it is an important piece of the worship and our religious right to worship fully in our church should be protected under Indiana state law.

Here are the 12 Tenets of the Cannaterians:


We agree with everything here! Live Love Laugh Learn Create Grow Teach.

One Love!

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