Halloween Book Giveaway

Halloween Book Giveaway: Zombie and Dystopian Books from Survival Mom

halloween book giveaway

Our friends over at the Survival Mom Blog are doing a Halloween book giveaway, and we are happy to say that we are involved!

Halloween is always a favorite holiday for us Zombie lovers, and C. Che and I are excited to be in the great company of authors we know and love.

In addition to Bobby Adair’s great Slow Burn series and Liz Long’s YA OMG! Not the Zombies! (Stuff Hits the Fan Book 1), you can enter to win signed copies of both Zombie Killing Stoners books in paperback, along with a copy of Survival Mom by Lisa Bedford.

There are some interesting dystopian novels as well, including Adair’s Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller – timely, even though it was written before our current Ebola situation.

The giveaway is live thru November 2, 2014.

Go on over to the Survival Mom Halloween Book Giveaway now to enter to win!

Our Zombie Novels are Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

Our Zombie Novels are Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Check out both Zombie Killing Stoner Episodes on your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

When C. Che and I first heard about Kindle Unlimited, we were fascinated and both subscribed immediately.


Well, we love independent, self-published authors (being that ourselves) and we love to read a lot on our Kindles. Since Amazon is actually paying authors whose books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, we figured this would be a great way to read tons of great books and support or colleagues.

Plus, since our books are enrolled, we wanted to see what the user experience was like.

As usual, the user experience is seamless. We can read up to 10 books at any given time, and then return them to get more.

Authors are paid as soon as a reader makes it past the 10% mark of the book, so it is a fair deal for everyone.

And it’s only $9.99 per month!

So, what are you waiting for? Zombie Novels are Free!

Support independent authors and subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

And of course, check out Zombie Killing Stoners Episodes One and Two!

New Amazon Reviews – 5 Stars

New Amazon Reviews of ZKS Episodes One and Two Give It 5 Stars!

It is always exciting to check Amazon after doing some Kindle free days to see if any new reviews have cropped up.

Today is one of those exciting days! We have a new 5 Star review of each Episode!

Thanks to reviewer Liz Long

For Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess

It is a short book, but it left me wanting more. The lead characters are well prepared thanks to their job in the security field. One of them is a drag queen, which is well done, IMHO. There are nice details like a custom-made dress dummy for Polly included in the story, but it feels like a natural part of the story. This whole episode definitely feels like the set-up for a series, so just know going in that you won’t get closure. But that’s why it’s “episode 1” not “the whole story”!

OK, so they didn’t hire a professional proofreader – the reality is that indie authors usually can’t afford it. It’s still a fun book!

And for Episode 2: The Coming Storm

Really, it’s hard to find something different about the Z.A. This book manages to do that. As we learn early on, the building is quite secure from anyone outside getting in. It’s the first time I’ve read a book with a true safe space in Manhattan. Seeing how they keep it safe, especially given the hazards already locked in with them, and move forward should be a fun ride.This book also introduces new characters and stories from outside their building to start making the world a little fuller. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all intersect.

So if you haven’t read them yet, go now! You will be so happy you did.
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Norman Reedus on Celebrity Zombies

Norman Reedus dishes about celebrity Zombies that would scare him.

If you love zombies, and all things The Walking Dead, then you certainly know the name Norman Reedus.

In his promotional appearances surrounding the fourth season of TWD, Reedus appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael.

“The three people I would be scared of if they were zombies: Lucy Liu, Sean Patrick Flanery, and maybe like Howard Stern.”

Ha! Howard Stern would make a messy and obnoxious zombie. I agree.


Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – The Movie

pro-wrestlers vs. zombies

Will You Watch Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – the Movie?

I used to watch pro wrestling as a teenager in upstate New York, and I always loved the whole spectacle of it. Big strong men and women in character with awesome costumes and special effects. What more could you want?

I was waiting for the wrestlers to jump on the zombie bandwagon, and here they are!


Big names – Rowdy Roddy Piper, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Taya Parker. And lots of violence!

Should be some good zombie fun!

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies will be in theaters March 28.

Zollies – The Zombie Dolls

Zollies Penny

Have you seen Zollies, the Zombie dolls?

OK, I admit that I still have a soft spot for a great doll. When I was a little girl, I loved all kinds of dolls.

I had many varieties of Barbie, as well as her little sister Skipper, her friend Midge, and her boyfriend Ken.

I also had stuffed dolls, porcelain dolls, and even typical boy dolls, like the Star Trek action figures.

And now I have discovered Marla Halvorson’s Zollie zombie dolls on Etsy.

She hand makes each doll in Omaha, Nebraska. “I make one of a kind horror/zombie/creepy dolls from unwanted porcelain dolls. Each one comes with a tag that tells you it’s name and a short back story about it.”

This is Penny:

Zollies Zombie Dolls

Creepy, huh? For only $35-$45, you can have your very own Zollie.

I love them!

(images from the Zollies Etsy Store)

Zombie Apocalypse Philosophy Class

zombie apocalypse

You Can Take a Zombie Apocalypse Class at Central Michigan University

Somehow, when I taught Philosophy the classes were always pretty staid – Ethics, Metaphysics, ancient greek….

We had one professor at Temple who specialized in contemporary media, but he was too fast and loose for me.

Now Kelly Murphy, a Philosophy Professor at Central Michigan University, is getting to teach a fun class the she created – From Revelation to ‘The Walking Dead. It focuses on apocalyptic literature and media, from the Bible to 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead. Yes, Zombie Apocalypse in the philosophy classroom!

“‘Thinking about the end and imagining life in a different way is something that humans have always done,’ Murphy said in a university release.”

Sounds like fun to us!