Top 10 Movie Zombies

top 10 movie zombies

Top 10 Movie Zombies are here!

Lists abound of the top Zombie movies, Zombie shows, Zombie books. But even in a great Zombie movie, there is usually just one or two Zombies that we really remember (especially since we tend to smoke a lot of pot during movies, which can make it hard to remember).

The guys at have come with their list of the top 10 most memorable movie Zombies, pulling from both old and new films.

Do you agree with their choices? Any other zombies that you think should have made the list? Leave a comment and let us know!

Another NYC Zombie Prank

Another NYC Zombie Prank!

You so enjoyed the video of The Walking Dead zombie prank at NYC’s Union Square, that I thought I would share another fun NYC zombie prank.

So funny, since here the zombies actually touch the people. Not just under a subway grate.