Bong of the Dead

Bong of the Dead pits some creative stoners against the Zombie Apocalypse.

What would you do if the Zombie Apocalypse came and you ran out of weed?

At some point the Zombie Killing Stoners will have to address this dilemma, and figure out how to produce more.

In this 2011 low-budget horror movie (made for $5000 by Thams Newman), the stoners decide to use dead zombies as fertilizer.

While Bong of the Dead is not great, the trailer is packed full of all the best scenes!


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Zombie Killing Stoners in Paperback

Read Zombie Killing Stoners in Paperback

Now you can read Zombie Killing Stoners in Paperback and Ebook formats.

When we first launched Zombie Killing Stoners, we chose Amazon KDP and only published ebooks, naively assuming that publishing on paper would not only be costly and a pain, but would look cheap and self-published.

But being the middle-aged stoners that we are, we just didn’t feel published without feeling and seeing a physical book.

We went with Amazon’s CreateSpace, and now you can read Zombie Killing Stoners in paperback! Here is what our books look like:

The Front Covers:


The Back Covers:


And the inside:


They look great! Now you can read ZKS in any format, and we can sell copies at book fairs, zombie fairs, and ComicCons!

Here are the Amazon pages for the print books:

Cannon Fodder – First Israeli Zombie Movie

Cannon Fodder is the first Israeli Zombie movie!

One of the premises of Zombie Killing Stoners is that the Zompoc will spread globally, and will spread quickly.

For us, North Korea was the perfect place to start the Zombie Apocalypse, since we know so little about the North Koreans, and they tend to be so insular.

For the Israelis, Lebanon, headquarters of the Hezbollah, would be primary Zompoc breeding ground.

Cannon Fodder follows four IDF soldiers who infiltrate Lebanon to stop the Zombie hordes from spreading.

Here is the official Plot Summary:

An Israeli Defense Forces Special Ops unit is sent into Southern Lebanon to capture Terrorist Leader and number 3 in the terrorist organization of Hezbollah, Only to face something much worse. Doron Geva, an IDF security operative takes on the mission. Together with an elite force which he had never met, Doron enters Lebanon to complete his last mission. Very soon he discovers that reality is not so simple and that a new and unknown enemy is to be dealt with — and Hezbollah are the last thing on his mind.

Doron has to deal with soldiers he does not trust, cooperation with enemy forces, a ticking clock in the form of extensive IDF attack and worst of all: a bloodthirsty enemy, cruel and bestial — that does not show mercy or reason — and this enemy bites!

Now that their enemy has changed its face, it’s up to Doron and his unit to wage a new war, a different war- In order to find an antidote and get back across the border before the Middle East conflict is changed forever, for the worse…

“Cannon Fodder” is an independent Israeli Action Horror film, one of the first to be made in these genres in Israel, and first Israeli Film that brings the Undead into the big screen.

Check out the trailer. Note the funny kishke cholent joke!


T-Shirts for Zombie Killing Stoners

t-shirt ZKS

T-Shirts for Zombie Killing Stoners are funny and fabulous!

On a whim, C. Che and I decided to order some Zombie Killing Stoners t-shirts.

And since it is winter in NYC, we decided to try one on our intrepid wonder dog, Ms. Smiley.

She seems to love them as much as we do!

T-shirts IMG_00000238Could she be any cuter?

Have you ever designed t-shirts and other promotional items for a book?

What was your experience?


Proof Copies of ZKS Are Coming

proof copies zks

Proof Copies of ZKS Episodes 1 & 2 are on the way from Createspace!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that we were waiting for Createspace to approve Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 and Episode 2 for print publication.

Plus, we are old enough that we don’t really feel published without a physical book.

The novellas are short enough that Createspace cannot print title and author on the spine (110 and 117 pages, respectively), so maybe after we write a few more we will bundle a few into combined omnibus edition just to have some spine printing action. For now we want them separate.

It was interesting formatting the book interiors. Blank pages needed to be inserted where appropriate, page numbers added back in, and pages made smaller (5″ x 8″ vs. 8.5″ x 11″). None of this is crucial for Kindle, since there the text is responsive.

Anyway, we will have hard copies in hand one week from tomorrow.

We can’t wait!



ZKS Episode 2 Is About To Drop

zombie killing stoners

ZKS Episode 2 (Zombie Killing Stoners) Is About To Drop on Amazon!

ZKS bookcover

Yes, it’s true! New Zombie tales are coming.

We finally finished formatting the new Zombie Killing Stoners and the lovely Liz Torres created our awesome cover, social media profile pix, and a new brand identity for ZKS. See our new blog header? Nice.

But on to the second episode, The Coming Storm.

We rejoin Woods, Divsha, Polly and the gang from Lower Manhattan in the days after the Zompoc.

You will also meet some new intrepid characters,

Lots of pot is smoked, lots of Zombies are killed, and plans are made.

Will they bug in or bug out? Who will live and who will die?

Find out soon!


Zombie Types

Romero zombie

Zombie Types – Do you prefer the classical Romero slow and stupid Zombie, the intelligent hunters of Helix, or the speedy creatures of World War Z?

Before C. Che and I started writing and publishing Zombie fiction, we watched a lot of Zombie movies and read a whole lot of Zombie books.

Hubby and I grew up on the classical Romero Zombie. Slow, stupid, bloody, and hungry – the Romero Zombie just wanted to eat, but gave you plenty of time to run if you could.

George Romero made six Zombie movies starting with the incredible Night of the Living Dead. We see this type of Zombie today in Sean of the Dead (which Romero apparently loves), The Walking Dead (which Romero doesn’t love) , and in our Zombie Killing Stoners, Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess.

Similar to Romero, we believe that Zombies should be symbols in novels – symbols of the stupidity of politics, of the stupidity of following the government and doing what they tell you, the stupidity of following the herd.

The survivors are the smart ones – the iconoclasts, the anti-social, anti-herd mentality people who are able to get together, think outside of the box, and move forward.

We tend to not love the speedy Zombies of 28 Days Later and World War Z. How exactly do these creatures, some of whom had been fat and lazy before they turned, suddenly become speedy dynamos?

And why are all the survivors so stupid? Seeking government assistance? Holing up in massive public or government spaces that are like food courts for the Zeds?

And last night I watched the season premier of Helix, which takes place on a scientific research outpost in the middle of nowhere, and where the contagion makes the Zombies ugly, but fast and intelligent hunters. Again, not so interesting.

Do you have any preferences? Any Zombie style that you tend to like more?