Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – The Movie

pro-wrestlers vs. zombies

Will You Watch Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – the Movie?

I used to watch pro wrestling as a teenager in upstate New York, and I always loved the whole spectacle of it. Big strong men and women in character with awesome costumes and special effects. What more could you want?

I was waiting for the wrestlers to jump on the zombie bandwagon, and here they are!


Big names – Rowdy Roddy Piper, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Taya Parker. And lots of violence!

Should be some good zombie fun!

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies will be in theaters March 28.

What Type of Stoner Are You?

type of stoner - pot leaf

What type of stoner are you?

We all know the Klutz, the Sneak A Toke, and the Newbie. I have been known to be a Storyteller who never passes the bowl!

Enjoy. And leave a comment letting me know what type of stoner you either are, or would be if you smoked marijuana.


Stoners and Zombies

stoners and zombies

Stoners and Zombies go very well together.

Here is a short film about a group of stoners who survive the Zompoc in their car. Funny and gory!


Empty Hospital Full of Zombies?

UPS Truck

Empty Hospital – UPS Driver Wonders Where the Zombies Are

Check out this video made by a UPS driver.

So I drive for UPS and I get to this nursing hospital that I literally deliver to every day. There are no cars outside, no signs of life at all. The door is open so I walk in and there isn’t a soul there. No patients, workers, nothing. The lights are on and there is stuff scattered like it’s been raided during the apocalypse. It was very creepy walking in.