Do the Walking Dead Weapons Really Work?

Watch shooting legend Jerry Miculek try the Walking Dead weapons.

He’s going for the zombie head shot on the Halloween edition of Gun Myths.

Watch as Jerry Miculek uses the various Walking Dead weapons that we see every Sunday. See what works and what doesn’t.

The zombie and creepy clown zombie heads are awesome!

Jerry uses various weaponry such as the Colt Python, Steyr AUG, Cold Steel Katana, and a crossbow to find out if it’s actually possible to pull off the amazing feats of shooting and decapitation as seen in the TV series, ‘The Walking Dead’.

Professor B.T.’s Author Interview on Book Goodies

Professor B.T.'s Author Interview on Book Goodies

Professor B.T.’s Author Interview on Book Goodies – Fun, Free Promotion

Book Goodies is a wonderful website for both authors and readers. They offer free and paid promotion to independent authors in all genres.

This week I finally got my shit together and completed my Book Goodies author interview and book profile. Here is a taste:

ProfZombieWhat inspires you to write?
C. Che and I love zombie fiction, but we wanted something lighter, funnier, more urban, and more inclusive, that still told a great and gory zombie tale. He does more of the first draft creative writing, and I do more of the adding in and editing. We are inspired by Manhattan and its motley community, by the skyscraper we live in, by The Walking Dead, Romero, authors like JJ Zep, and by our stoner community.

Tell us about your writing process.
We are total seat of the pants writers! While we do have a small notebook of character sketches, we find that the characters develop as we write them in, so the sketches came after the fact.

I am considering some outlining and verbal recognition software to help push through writer’s block. We mean ZKS to be a long serial, so sometimes it takes some thought to decide where to go next.

We grew up writing pen on paper or typewriter, so we still keep paper notebooks of how we see stories and characters developing in the future episodes.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I was for self-publishing from the beginning. Amazon KDP and CreateSpace make it so easy, and the print books look great!

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
More and more people will self-publish. Hopefully publishing houses will start to look at what’s in the market already and make better offers for their authors.

What do you use?
Co-writer, Professional Cover Designer

What genres do you write?
fiction, horror, action adventure, humor

What formats are your books in?
Both eBook and Print

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Norman Reedus on Celebrity Zombies

Norman Reedus dishes about celebrity Zombies that would scare him.

If you love zombies, and all things The Walking Dead, then you certainly know the name Norman Reedus.

In his promotional appearances surrounding the fourth season of TWD, Reedus appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael.

“The three people I would be scared of if they were zombies: Lucy Liu, Sean Patrick Flanery, and maybe like Howard Stern.”

Ha! Howard Stern would make a messy and obnoxious zombie. I agree.


Zombie Pizza Box Prank

zombie pizza box prank

It’s a Zombie Pizza Box Prank!

Imagine opening a pizza box and having a zombie pop up.

It’s like the old head popping out of a box toy that we all loved to be scared by as kids.

This zombie pizza box prank video is very funny and not too horrifying. Enjoy!


Zombie On Elevator Prank

zombie on elevator

This Zombie on Elevator Prank is pretty funny.

Most of the zombie prank videos happening take place in the outdoors, but sometimes zombies show up inside.

Riding an elevator with other humans can be uncomfortable and weird. How about riding with a zombie?

Here we get people’s reactions to walking on an elevator with a zombie. Pretty funny!


Zombie Apocalypse Philosophy Class

zombie apocalypse

You Can Take a Zombie Apocalypse Class at Central Michigan University

Somehow, when I taught Philosophy the classes were always pretty staid – Ethics, Metaphysics, ancient greek….

We had one professor at Temple who specialized in contemporary media, but he was too fast and loose for me.

Now Kelly Murphy, a Philosophy Professor at Central Michigan University, is getting to teach a fun class the she created – From Revelation to ‘The Walking Dead. It focuses on apocalyptic literature and media, from the Bible to 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead. Yes, Zombie Apocalypse in the philosophy classroom!

“‘Thinking about the end and imagining life in a different way is something that humans have always done,’ Murphy said in a university release.”

Sounds like fun to us!

Another NYC Zombie Prank

Another NYC Zombie Prank!

You so enjoyed the video of The Walking Dead zombie prank at NYC’s Union Square, that I thought I would share another fun NYC zombie prank.

So funny, since here the zombies actually touch the people. Not just under a subway grate.