Shit Stoners Say

Shit Stoners Say is a funny video. Watch it stoned!

Seriously, between the giant pencil and the cat, I was completely hysterical. Enjoy!


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World’s Oldest Living Stoners

World’s Oldest Living Stoners Speak Out

To listen to the media, you would think that all stoners are either in high school or college, or are not functional in the real world.

Now, C. Che and I have been getting high for 35 and 45 years, respectively, and those who know us know that we are highly functional humans.

Listen to your elders, my friends! Presenting the world’s oldest living stoners.


Stuff Stoners Say

Stuff Stoners Say

OK, this video is truly funny, especially since I know the women behind last year’s Sh-t Brooklyn Mom’s Say.

This is NOT safe for work, but if you are or have ever been a stoner, you will get a kick out of this.

Definitely a Zombie Killing Stoners favorite!


Stoners and Zombies

stoners and zombies

Stoners and Zombies go very well together.

Here is a short film about a group of stoners who survive the Zompoc in their car. Funny and gory!