Why We Support Amazon

Why we support Amazon

and why we think every author should.

Over the past couple of months there has been a lot of news regarding Amazon and their fight with Hachette Publishing. Authors lucky enough to be making money with legacy publishers have tended to speak out for those businesses, including Chuck Wendig and Scott Turow.

But there is an even larger group of authors like us, and like best-selling J.A. Konrath, who see how much Amazon has done to level the writing and publishing playing field. Konrath has a unique perspective, since he bought himself out of his contract with Hachette and has been making more money with more freedom publishing directly with Amazon.

Hachette vs. Amazon

Amazon asked Hachette to lower e-book prices to put them more in line with most ebooks on Amazon.

Hachette said no.

Amazon asked again.

Hachette said no.

So while they were negotiating, Amazon took away pre-order buttons and stopped stocking Hachette paper titles in case they end up not agreeing.

The big issue here, however, is ebook pricing.

Hachette authors, who only get 25% or less on ebook sales, support Hachette on this.

Amazon authors, who get 35-70% on ebooks, depending on price, support Amazon.

While they work this out, Amazon offered to co-fund a pot of money to pay the Hachette authors 100% on ebooks.

Hachette said no.

This is not an issue of the giant Amazon stepping on the little guys.

This is an issue of the former giant publishers not being happy that self-published authors like C. Che and me make more money on an ebook than their contracted authors. And that pisses off their authors too.

Turow sits there wondering why we should be getting 70% on a digital sale when he gets 25%. I get it, I really do. But I wonder why he doesn’t buy out of his crappy contract.

Readers should support Amazon, since they are pushing to lower ebook prices.

Writers should support Amazon, since they allow you to self-publish, maintain rights, set your own price, and earn up to 70% (we earn 70% on our ebooks).

Publishers should support Amazon, since they make it easy for readers and authors to buy and sell books.

Even with Kindle Unlimited, an author gets paid once a reader reads more than 10% of the book. Even with Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) borrowing, we get paid per borrow, always more than 50% of the price we set.

Lots more folks are writing and publishing now, opening the field to so many of us who were either turned down by legacy publishers or just knew enough not to go there.

Keep in mind that the big publishers have been busted by the US government for artificially maintaining high prices through collusion. They have had power and would like to keep it.

For all of these reasons, we support Amazon.

World’s Oldest Living Stoners

World’s Oldest Living Stoners Speak Out

To listen to the media, you would think that all stoners are either in high school or college, or are not functional in the real world.

Now, C. Che and I have been getting high for 35 and 45 years, respectively, and those who know us know that we are highly functional humans.

Listen to your elders, my friends! Presenting the world’s oldest living stoners.


Zombie Night at the Mets Game

zombie night

Zombie Night at the Mets Game is 6/13

The New York Mets have teamed up with a local charity, BOOM!Health, for their 2nd annual Zombie Night at Citi Field on Friday, June 13, 2014. The game starts at 7:10pm versus the San Diego Padres.

A portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to support BOOM!Health, a not-for-profit agency that promotes health, wellness and safety for all New Yorkers in need. Ticket and sponsorship donations will be used to fight hunger through BOOM!Health’s meal programs and drop-in center.

The discounted $40 field level seats will be in the “Zombie” section near the Bullpen Plaza. Tickets include a special charity wristband and a chance to win zombie-themed prizes. Sponsorship packages are available, which include access to a luxury VIP suite and promotional opportunities.

Fans are encouraged to wear zombie makeup and costumes with their complementary Mets t-shirt as part of Free Shirt Friday.

Let’s go Mets! BOOM!Zombies will cheer you on to an apocalyptic victory!


Marijuana Tourism and Taxes

Marijuana tourism is alive and well in the US!

Back when I was in high school and college, marijuana tourism meant getting a passport and flying to Amsterdam. In 2014, it’s a relatively short flight to Colorado.

Legal marijuana combined with great skiing and hiking, and no passport necessary? C. Che and I are planing a trip as I type this!

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are loosely tracking where their customers come from. So far they are seeing a lot of Texans, as well as residents of the Eastern seaboard. Yes, marijuana tourism in Colorado has begun.

January 2014 marijuana sales generated $1 million in taxes. Yes, that is $1 million towards education, infrastructure, maintenance, and tourism.

We predict that as quality of life goes up in Colorado and other states that legalize recreational, as well medical, marijuana, the rest of the country will take notice. These are the states that will have the funds to attract great teachers, doctors, and businesses.

Colorado is predicting an extra $67 million annually, which is nearly twice as much as the state receives from alcohol taxes.

As a side note, I find it interesting that nobody thought about the banking and cash issue.

Basically, since selling marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and our banks are regulated by the federal government, banks are refusing to do business with marijuana retailers.

This leaves the shop owners with a big security issue – namely, too much cash. Imagine having to bring $50,000 in cash to the state tax office. And the possibility of being robbed while en route.

The Department of Justice is supposed to be issuing a memo to the affected parties, clarifying the Federal government’s stance on US banks accepting money earned from marijuana sales. It is predicted to be too little, too late.

We are just happy that recreational pot is legal somewhere in the US!

Empty Hospital Full of Zombies?

UPS Truck

Empty Hospital – UPS Driver Wonders Where the Zombies Are

Check out this video made by a UPS driver.

So I drive for UPS and I get to this nursing hospital that I literally deliver to every day. There are no cars outside, no signs of life at all. The door is open so I walk in and there isn’t a soul there. No patients, workers, nothing. The lights are on and there is stuff scattered like it’s been raided during the apocalypse. It was very creepy walking in.


Episode 2 Is Coming In 2014

Zombie Killing Stoners, Episode 2: The Coming Storm is almost ready!

Alright stoners and zombie fans – here comes Episode 2!

I have to confess that finishing Episode 2 has been tougher than completing the first episode of Zombie Killing Stoners. And I’m not sure why.

You would think that once a story is set in motion, with pre-existing plots and characters, that moving forward would be a cinch. In reality, not so much. I found that I was much pickier with my editing this round, really trying to make this book better. C. Che even complained at my strident editing!

I do believe we succeeded in putting out a worthy sequel! Episode 2 is a bit darker than the first. We introduce new characters and new Zombie-filled scenarios, and delve deeper into the core folks you know and love from Episode 1 – Woods, Polly, Divsha, Ronnie, and Chuck.

All we are waiting for is the final cover art, and that should be complete within the week.

So Happy New Year 2014 and Happy New Episode 2014 from C.Che, Prof, Miss Smiley, and the Zombie Killing Stoners crew!






Zombies Taking Over the World

Zombies Take Over the World?

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019: 19:30 EDT

English: Zombies
English: Zombies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The entire Korean Peninsula has been overrun by what are now being called ‘Zombies’. As many U.S. citizens, military personnel and their dependents as possible have been evacuated. There is no official word on the number of casualties are estimated to be in the thousands. The Pentagon says that it may take months to get an accurate count of the dead and missing.

There are now confirmed ‘Zombie’ outbreaks all across Southeast Asia, China, Russia, Japan, India, Central Asia, The Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Johannesburg went silent two hours ago. Great Britain has sealed its borders and implemented Martial Law.

Vice President Limbaugh has recalled U.S. forces and Embassy staff from all postings around the world. He wants to reassure the American People that he will fight this evil threat to our way of life and asks us to join him in praying for God’s guidance through these turbulent times.