Can You Kill A Zombie With A Bong?

Can you kill a zombie with a bong?

In Zombie Killing Stoners, we kill zombies in many interesting ways with lots of cool weapons – fasthawks, knives, swords, guns, golf clubs, etc.

But in general, we keep the stoner recreational items out of the killing fray.

Could it happen that we would need to use a bong to kill a zombie? I suppose it could.

Can you kill a zombie with a bong? Here is what happens when the bong meets the zombie head.


Zompoc Stoner Survival Rules – Cardio

Zompoc Stoner Survival Rules – Cardio is king!

I decided to revisit the first rule of Zompoc stoner survival – the importance of cardio.

Seriously, you will need to be able to run, and possibly need to run up and/or down stairs, ramps, and even bridges and tunnels. If you cannot walk fast without panting, I highly recommend starting a cardio program today! Zompoc Stoner Survival is key!

Here are the Zombie Stoners, Christian and Zelda, discussing the importance of cardio to their continued survival after the Zompoc.


Shit Stoners Say

Shit Stoners Say is a funny video. Watch it stoned!

Seriously, between the giant pencil and the cat, I was completely hysterical. Enjoy!


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Stoner on The Price Is Right – Vintage

Stoner on The Price is Right Just Keeps Bidding 420

Maybe this shows too much about my age, but I grew up watching Bob Barker on The Price Is Right. I loved the show! All kinds of people were chosen, the prizes were huge (cars, trips, furniture, cash), and it was flashy and funny.

One day this really funny guy was on. He kept giggling and bidding 420, even when it was obviously wrong. And the one time he varies… well, you can watch it for yourself.

I didn’t get the reference then, but now I do!

So enjoy, my friends. This is funny.


Zombie Pizza Box Prank

zombie pizza box prank

It’s a Zombie Pizza Box Prank!

Imagine opening a pizza box and having a zombie pop up.

It’s like the old head popping out of a box toy that we all loved to be scared by as kids.

This zombie pizza box prank video is very funny and not too horrifying. Enjoy!


Zombie On Elevator Prank

zombie on elevator

This Zombie on Elevator Prank is pretty funny.

Most of the zombie prank videos happening take place in the outdoors, but sometimes zombies show up inside.

Riding an elevator with other humans can be uncomfortable and weird. How about riding with a zombie?

Here we get people’s reactions to walking on an elevator with a zombie. Pretty funny!


Nerf Zombie Strike Toys

Nerf Zombie Strike Toys teach kids how to defend against the Zompoc

When C. Che’s son was a toddler, we did not ever buy him violent toys. No guns, no weapons.

So what he did was turn anything he could find into a weapon. Legos, plastic kitchen utensils, plastic tools from the toy tool kit – all would become guns, lasers, swords, and other weapons.

Well, we figured, at least he had to use his imagination.

Fast forward 20 years or so, and now Zombies are all the rage, so of course the weapons to kill Zombies are also all the rage.

Now there are Nerf Zombie Strike toys. Nerf, makers of the first ball game I could play inside of my apartment as a kid, now make a full line of indoor-friendly Zombie killing weapons.

There is a crossbow, a machete, a sword, and several guns (and yes, you can carry the sword across you back, just like Michonne in Walking Dead).