Zombie Nativity Scene Will Stay!

zombie nativity scene

The owner of the Zombie nativity scene in Sycamore Township, Ohio is keeping his lawn ornamentation.

I will let you in on a secret…

C. Che and I really don’t like Christmas. So being bombarded by Christmas crap on a daily basis from Halloween on (yes! this year it started on Halloween) is truly painful.

When we saw the first headlines about the Zombie Nativity Scene on Ohio, we were, for once, truly excited! I mean, a dead and reborn baby Jesus? Zombie wise men? Potential zombie camels? Just too awesome.

So we were not surprised when we heard that township officials were gunning to take it down. Of course, they couldn’t say that they were offended, because we have a first amendment right to be offensive. So instead they are calling it a code violation based on size.

Well, supporters have offered to help pay the $1000 fine if it stays, and the Zombie Nativity Scene is not going anywhere.

A victory for freedom of speech and expression!