Norman Reedus on Celebrity Zombies

Norman Reedus dishes about celebrity Zombies that would scare him.

If you love zombies, and all things The Walking Dead, then you certainly know the name Norman Reedus.

In his promotional appearances surrounding the fourth season of TWD, Reedus appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael.

“The three people I would be scared of if they were zombies: Lucy Liu, Sean Patrick Flanery, and maybe like Howard Stern.”

Ha! Howard Stern would make a messy and obnoxious zombie. I agree.


Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – The Movie

pro-wrestlers vs. zombies

Will You Watch Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – the Movie?

I used to watch pro wrestling as a teenager in upstate New York, and I always loved the whole spectacle of it. Big strong men and women in character with awesome costumes and special effects. What more could you want?

I was waiting for the wrestlers to jump on the zombie bandwagon, and here they are!


Big names – Rowdy Roddy Piper, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Taya Parker. And lots of violence!

Should be some good zombie fun!

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies will be in theaters March 28.

We Have Real Books 0

real books

We have Episodes 1 and 2 in real paper book form – we have real books!

Maybe it’s an age thing (I am 47 and C. Che is closing in on 60), but we like to know that a book is a book.

Yes, we were early Amazon Kindle adopters and read mostly ebooks, but when you publish a book there is nothing like seeing a physical copy.

Since we used Amazon KDP so successfully to get the ebooks ready for sale, we decided to use Amazon’s CreateSpace for the printed books. Between them and our beautiful cover design by Liz Torres, our books look beautiful.

We did the inside in Garamond, so it easy to read. Each book is $6.99 and around 135 pages.

Look for us at Book Expo and NY ComicCon this year.

Also, our friends at Stuff Stoners Like are giving away ZKS t-shirts.

Check it out!

Zombie Pizza Box Prank

zombie pizza box prank

It’s a Zombie Pizza Box Prank!

Imagine opening a pizza box and having a zombie pop up.

It’s like the old head popping out of a box toy that we all loved to be scared by as kids.

This zombie pizza box prank video is very funny and not too horrifying. Enjoy!


Zollies – The Zombie Dolls

Zollies Penny

Have you seen Zollies, the Zombie dolls?

OK, I admit that I still have a soft spot for a great doll. When I was a little girl, I loved all kinds of dolls.

I had many varieties of Barbie, as well as her little sister Skipper, her friend Midge, and her boyfriend Ken.

I also had stuffed dolls, porcelain dolls, and even typical boy dolls, like the Star Trek action figures.

And now I have discovered Marla Halvorson’s Zollie zombie dolls on Etsy.

She hand makes each doll in Omaha, Nebraska. “I make one of a kind horror/zombie/creepy dolls from unwanted porcelain dolls. Each one comes with a tag that tells you it’s name and a short back story about it.”

This is Penny:

Zollies Zombie Dolls

Creepy, huh? For only $35-$45, you can have your very own Zollie.

I love them!

(images from the Zollies Etsy Store)

Zombie On Elevator Prank

zombie on elevator

This Zombie on Elevator Prank is pretty funny.

Most of the zombie prank videos happening take place in the outdoors, but sometimes zombies show up inside.

Riding an elevator with other humans can be uncomfortable and weird. How about riding with a zombie?

Here we get people’s reactions to walking on an elevator with a zombie. Pretty funny!


Driving Stoned

driving stoned

Driving Stoned is bad, but is definitely not as bad as driving drunk!

You hear a lot of complaining from the conservatives in this country about how people will get “potted up” and go driving, causing lots of accidents.

Last year, CNN took a look at a few folks in Washington state operating a motor vehicle under the influence of pot. Watch as they take a little driving test with the help of a local sheriff’s department.

Note that these folks are driving under an intoxication level that they wouldn’t have with alcohol (3-6x the legal limit), because the alcohol would have probably killed them.

Of course, nobody should drive while intoxicated on anything, since you endanger other people’s lives if you do! This is a controlled course.