Halloween Is Coming

Halloween means a gift for Zombie Killing Stoners fans on StuffStonersLike.com!

I’m not sure what Halloween means to you, but to zombie-obsessed stoners like myself and C. Che, it will generally involve some wonderful combination of kind bud, candy, and zombies.

But this year will be even more special.

We just completed a fun interview with the fabulously fried folks at Stuff Stoners Like (one of my personal favorite websites), which will be live for your reading pleasure on Halloween.

You will learn a lot about the best kind of marijuana for zombie killing and writing zombie books, why our explosions are so awesome, more about our political point of view, and our commitment to the classic Romero zombie.

And, just because we love them (and you) so much, we are giving our Stoner buds (and you) a special surprise from the upcoming Zombie Killing Stoners: Episode Two! New characters and everything.

So check out StuffStonersLike.com on October 31, 2013 for a treat (and maybe a trick or two) from the ZKS.

And check out Zombie Killing Stoners: Episode One for your Kindle or iPad. Only $2.99.