Stoner Survival Rules for the Zompoc – Head Shots

Stoner Survival Rules for the Zompoc – Head Shots

As you may be able to tell, C Che and I love us a good Stoner survival after the Zompoc video, be it a home movie, video game, or cartoon.

After the Zompoc, an unlikely LA couple survives.

“Christian, a dumb lovable stoner who learned his zombie fighting skills from B-action movies, and Zelda, the bitchy badass who learned her zombie fighting skills from video games and comic books.”

In this installment, they teach us Stoners survival rules for killing zombies – why head shots are the only way to go.


Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson is the best science show ever – especially for stoners!

A few weeks ago Seth Macfarlane (of Family Guy fame) was on Bill Maher. And one of the first things Seth told Bill was that he thought Bill should “watch Cosmos stoned!”

And Seth is right. While the show is brimming with the scientific facts that made the original with Carl Sagan so impressive, the visuals are absolutely off the chain. Tyson visits other planets, other solar systems, the oceans, and even contemporary and prehistoric earth in an awesome space ship. There is a hall of extinction that is somber and wonderful (and incomplete, as species are still becoming extinct).

And of course, there is that friendly and calm Tyson voice.

You and your kids should be watching Cosmos. Monday nights, 9pm, History Channel.

A couple of weeks ago someone uploaded a slowed-down video of Neil deGrasse Tyson narrating Cosmos. He sounds so stoned, and it is really funny. Here is Tyson himself showing that very video: