Marijuana May Stop HIV

marijuana mat stop hiv

Marijuana may stop HIV from spreading, according to several recent studies.

I am always amazed at how little marijuana is studied.

We have alcohol and tobacco that are completely legal, sold over the counter, and every study shows us more bad things about them.

And then we have lots of pharmaceutical drugs that mimic the good effects of marijuana, just not as well.

This most recent study is out of Louisiana State University, where they tested daily doses of marijuana on HIV positive rhesus monkeys.

The study, published last week in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, concludes that daily administration of THC in the animals slowed the spread of HIV in their stomachs, where the virus thrives.

Seriously, researchers gave the monkeys daily doses of marijuana for 17 months, and their T-cell levels dropped. And there have been other studies that show the same thing.

Last year, an oncologist from the United Kingdom found that marijuana compounds can kill cancer cells in leukemia patients, and scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco have conducted research that suggests those compounds can also effectively combat other forms of aggressive cancer.

Legalize it!

Zombie Night at the Mets Game

zombie night

Zombie Night at the Mets Game is 6/13

The New York Mets have teamed up with a local charity, BOOM!Health, for their 2nd annual Zombie Night at Citi Field on Friday, June 13, 2014. The game starts at 7:10pm versus the San Diego Padres.

A portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to support BOOM!Health, a not-for-profit agency that promotes health, wellness and safety for all New Yorkers in need. Ticket and sponsorship donations will be used to fight hunger through BOOM!Health’s meal programs and drop-in center.

The discounted $40 field level seats will be in the “Zombie” section near the Bullpen Plaza. Tickets include a special charity wristband and a chance to win zombie-themed prizes. Sponsorship packages are available, which include access to a luxury VIP suite and promotional opportunities.

Fans are encouraged to wear zombie makeup and costumes with their complementary Mets t-shirt as part of Free Shirt Friday.

Let’s go Mets! BOOM!Zombies will cheer you on to an apocalyptic victory!


Empty Hospital Full of Zombies?

UPS Truck

Empty Hospital – UPS Driver Wonders Where the Zombies Are

Check out this video made by a UPS driver.

So I drive for UPS and I get to this nursing hospital that I literally deliver to every day. There are no cars outside, no signs of life at all. The door is open so I walk in and there isn’t a soul there. No patients, workers, nothing. The lights are on and there is stuff scattered like it’s been raided during the apocalypse. It was very creepy walking in.