Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicken Fried Rice Review

Mountain House dried

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Checken Fried Rice is a worthy addition to your bug out bag and emergency rations.

Be Prepared, Even In a Big City

While I wouldn’t call us full-on preppers, C. Che and I do like to be prepared for emergencies. Yes, we live in a luxury skyscraper in way downtown NYC, but we came through several hurricanes when we lived in the Caribbean and in our first winter back in the states we went through Hurricane Sandy in lower Manhattan.

No power when you have a dog and live on the 22nd floor means that you relay on one emergency elevator. But when that elevator is awaiting fuel for the emergency generators, that means walking 22 flights for dog walks and supply/food runs.

Store MREs and Freeze-Dried Foods

While we do store some military MREs, which we replenished from National Guard supplies after Sandy, they are not our favorite. Salty, pasty, and low in fiber, they keep you alive and active (and constipated).

My concern about freeze-dried food was that it would be salty and spongy, but this was much less salty than a cup of ramen noodles with way more nutrients.

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicked Fried Rice

This Mountain House freeze-dried chicken fried rice is good for 12 years, and is full of chicken, egg, and vegetables. It is surprisingly low in salt, using other seasonings. It took 15 minutes total from putting water on to eating, and was very easy.

Here is the product before adding water.

Mountain House dried

Pour in 1.5 cups boiling water, stir, close.

Mountain House mid-cooking

Open and stir after 4 minutes. It will look like this:

Mountain House Done

Close again for 4-5 minutes. And it’s ready.

I took a photo of the finished rice in a glass bowl so you can see the finished product. It is good! The meat is not spongy, the vegetables not too soft or too chewy, and the rice has some texture.

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicken Fried Rice

All in all, an appetizing meal in a bag. We liked it so much that we now own the Mountain House Best Sellers Pack!

Review: Survival P51 Can Opener

Survival P51 Can Opener

The Survival P51 Can Opener is awesome! Nothing else compares.

5/5 Stars

I purchased the survival P51 can opener to go into our BOB. I was looking for this exact style that my father, a career Navy Seal, used when he was in the military.

They came earlier than stated and were EXACTLY what the photo and description led me to believe, stamped “US, Shelby Co.”, not “Made In China”. They arrived just before I was getting ready to feed Miss Smiley, so I tested one on her canned food.

I simply hooked the little notch behind the cutter blade, made a few twisty movements, and voila! My doggy was wagging her tail over a full bowl of food. If you’ve never used one, no problem. It is easy to figure out.

They are a no frills way to open a can or use as an emergency screwdriver. I even used one long ago as a wire stripper when I lost my Swiss Army knife.

Seriously folks you can’t beat these little gems, buy more than one and put them in your car, your keychain, your BOB, your… Oh heck, just get them! They will come in handy after the Zompoc!

2 Pack Survival Kit Can Opener, Military, P-51 Model

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