Proof Copies of ZKS Are Coming

proof copies zks

Proof Copies of ZKS Episodes 1 & 2 are on the way from Createspace!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that we were waiting for Createspace to approve Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 and Episode 2 for print publication.

Plus, we are old enough that we don’t really feel published without a physical book.

The novellas are short enough that Createspace cannot print title and author on the spine (110 and 117 pages, respectively), so maybe after we write a few more we will bundle a few into combined omnibus edition just to have some spine printing action. For now we want them separate.

It was interesting formatting the book interiors. Blank pages needed to be inserted where appropriate, page numbers added back in, and pages made smaller (5″ x 8″ vs. 8.5″ x 11″). None of this is crucial for Kindle, since there the text is responsive.

Anyway, we will have hard copies in hand one week from tomorrow.

We can’t wait!



Publishing With CreateSpace

ZKS book cover ep 1

Publishing with CreateSpace was easy.

Now we wait for approval, order some proofs, and release the paper version out to the world!

C. Che and I have been talking for a while about releasing the first two Zombie Killing Stoners Episodes in print paperback form.

I did some research on POD publishers, including Lulu, Smashwords, and CreateSpace.

Lulu seemed to charge more for less for the print book. Photos of the books show a lesser quality, and if you use their free ISBN, Lulu becomes your publisher (what happened to “self-published?”).

Smashwords looked OK, but we are looking for a high quality printer with a low price for us to buy copies to sell at ComicCon and other events this year.

So we settled on publishing with CreateSpace. Their printed books looked the best, including the cover. Publishing with Createspace has other benefits, too. CreateSpace allows free library and bookstore distribution, as well as listing on Amazon. And their free ISBN belongs to you as the publisher.

And it was easy. They walk you right through each step.

Once the books are approved, we will order proof copies and release ZKS to the world (it’s true – Amazon distributes the books internationally).

We can’t wait!

New Four Star Review of ZKS Episode 1

Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 has a new Four Star Review

Zombies Invade San Francisco!
Zombies Invade San Francisco! (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

One of the scary things about writing and publishing your book is waiting for feedback. Will people like it? Is it worth their time and money? And, most importantly, how will you know?

One obvious method of feedback is Amazon reviews. And contrary to popular belief, these reviews are not easy to get. Many people read books that they enjoy and don’t bother to say anything!

Currently Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 has Eight reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The latest review is Four Stars from T. Handel:

Zombies takeover almost from the beginning of this story, and from then forward it is one heck of a good time!

If you enjoy a fun, quick Zombie story, Zombie Killing Stoners is perfect for you. Check it out – only $2.99 for Kindle!

Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 Improved

The New and Improved Version of Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 is available for download at Amazon.

We know, we know. We have been promising Episode 2. But before we publish anything new, C Che and I decided it was crucial to put out an edited and revised edition of [amazon_link id=”B00AUZ3UBQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Episode 1[/amazon_link].

After some of our dear readers pointed out a few plot holes that really impeded their ability to enjoy what they thought was a great story, we decided to go back and revise the entire book.

We have requested that Amazon push out an update to buyers, since there are significant editorial changes and improvements, but note that the update can take up to four weeks.

So, we will be offering Episode 1 for FREE download on September 10, 11, and 12, 2013.

And you should be seeing Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 2 before Thanksgiving :).

Zombie Killing Stoners, Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess


Useful Amazon Review of Zombie Killing Stoners

The 3 Star Amazon Review That Pushed Us to Revise and Improve Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1.

While we adore all of our stoner readers who simply rolled with our story and forgave some plot holes, poor editing, and too many typos, it was this 3 Star Review that gave us some guidance in how to improve the story.

I got to the 65% mark and had to stop. I can deal with spelling/typos and some grammar issues to a point, but found the plot holes very distracting. Just one example is the character Woods. He draws a pistol and screws on a silencer, then takes a mini tomahawk in the other. With both hands full he manages to close doors in a hallway. Shortly after he runs into zombies in stairwell. He holsters said pistol with the silencer still attached so he can quietly kill some zombies with the tomahawk. At first I thought it might be that he only has a small amount of ammo and he is trying to conserve it, but later it states that he has an ample supply with him. Shortly after, he draws the pistol (with the silencer still attached) and shoots another in the head. Then worries about zeds hearing the noise from the shot.

There were other times when I had to go back and read over a section again thinking I missed something, but I didn’t. There were another couple of times where his thoughts were written out as dialogue complete with ” ” marks. I’m not sure if he was thinking out loud or just talking to himself, it was never explained. These issue were distracting to where I really wasn’t able to make any kind of connection with the characters.

I liked the title and cover. The scenes were descriptive and imaginative. With some basic editing and fixes, I think this could be a really good story.

It was the last tine that really got us – “descriptive…, imaginative… I think this could be a good story.”

So we decided that before we publish Episode 2, we will revise and improve Episode 1.

Thanks Psi-Fi Guy!

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Free KDP Day Results & Review Request

Successful free KDP day and Please review Zombie Killing Stoners

One of the reasons why C. Che and I decided to publish ZKS exclusively on Amazon for at least the first three months was to enroll in the Kindle Direct Publishing program and take advantage of the five free giveaway days. Our first free day was this past Wednesday, and on that day 213 people downloaded Episode 1.

We are excited to have gotten the book onto that many Kindles! Now we hope to get more reviews.

So, if you read ZKS Episode 1, whether you love it or hate it, would you please go to Amazon and leave a review? Feedback is great for any writers, and as we are expanding the story and the characters we really do need to hear from you.

Be it one star, five stars, or somewhere in between, we want your review! So please leave us a comment here and a review on Amazon.


Get ZKS Episode 1 FREE On Wednesday 1/23/13

ZKS Episode 1, Part 1 – Rescuing the Samoan Princess – FREE for download Wednesday 1/23/13

Zombie Killing Stoners CoverIf you have been waiting to download the first episode of Zombie Killing Stoners, Part 1, Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess, you are in luck. We will be offering the book for FREE kindle download this coming Wednesday, 1/23/13.

So far we have two five-star reviews on Amazon, so if you have already read the story or are planning to read it soon, we would totally appreciate a review. C. Che and I are hard at work on the next part of the story, and I can tell you that you will learn more about Chuck and Divsha in the midst of the gorefest that is Zombie Killing Stoners.

And if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to our email newsletter. There will be some special surprises, including some new stories and previews, coming up soon for our subscribers.