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ZKS book cover ep 1

Publishing with CreateSpace was easy.

Now we wait for approval, order some proofs, and release the paper version out to the world!

C. Che and I have been talking for a while about releasing the first two Zombie Killing Stoners Episodes in print paperback form.

I did some research on POD publishers, including Lulu, Smashwords, and CreateSpace.

Lulu seemed to charge more for less for the print book. Photos of the books show a lesser quality, and if you use their free ISBN, Lulu becomes your publisher (what happened to “self-published?”).

Smashwords looked OK, but we are looking for a high quality printer with a low price for us to buy copies to sell at ComicCon and other events this year.

So we settled on publishing with CreateSpace. Their printed books looked the best, including the cover. Publishing with Createspace has other benefits, too. CreateSpace allows free library and bookstore distribution, as well as listing on Amazon. And their free ISBN belongs to you as the publisher.

And it was easy. They walk you right through each step.

Once the books are approved, we will order proof copies and release ZKS to the world (it’s true – Amazon distributes the books internationally).

We can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Publishing With CreateSpace

  1. I think maybe there’s a misconception here – the free ISBN would still list CreateSpace as the publisher, I believe – but who cares? They don’t get any ownership or rights in the content of your book (nor does Lulu). Some people just do not want those companies listed as the publisher, because they’re concerned about public perception of “self-published” books. If you release a different edition elsewhere, you simply need a different ISBN. If you buy direct, I think you have to buy in blocks of ten or more, so it’s $100 minimum (last I checked). Which is great, if you want to be a publisher or have a lot of titles to release.

    I am not in the business of being a publisher, most readers I know don’t much care who the publisher is, and I really do not mind if CreateSpace is listed as the publisher in “Books in Print,” provided they have the best quality and pricing, and I don’t have to handle orders and fulfillment.

    Smashwords is great for eBooks; their converter does a decent job of converting to about 10 different formats (which is nice – not being locked into one proprietary format).

    I used to use Lulu – I haven’t put out a book with them in so long I’m not qualified to comment. I do think they’ve not stayed quite as competitive, but trying to compete with Amazon (CreateSpace) is like trying to compete with WalMart.
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    • No, the Amazon ISBN still lists you as publisher (since Amazon also does traditional publishing for limited titles, they want their stuff separate). I have no issues with being “self-published”, which is why we went with KDP to begin with.

  2. Yes I bought my own ISBN. It’s been years so it’s foggy but I remember right they had a package you could buy that included your own ISBN and some marketing services, including instructions on how to get into Barnes and Nobles or something like that. I have a friend who continues to publish on Lulu and she said her printed books come out great..and I actually ordered one and she was right. Regular printed black and white books, with a color cover looked ok. My biggest complaint was on their color printing. It was just awful. It was off color, the paper was cheap and flimsy, the ink ran, etc. Just awful.
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    • Cool! Ours is just two 5×8 B&W paperback novellas. We were going to stay digital-only, but we need paper copies if we want to go to book and comic conventions for publicity.

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