Top 10 Movie Zombies

top 10 movie zombies

Top 10 Movie Zombies are here!
Lists abound of the top Zombie movies, Zombie shows, Zombie books. But even in a great Zombie movie, there is usually just one or two Zombies that we really remember (especially since we tend to smoke a lot of pot during movies, which can make it hard to remember).

The guys at have come […] Continue Reading…

We Joined The First Church of Cannabis

We Joined The First Church of Cannabis
C Che and I have questioned organized religion for years. While I do identify as Jewish, and in fact organized the Jewish Community on the small Caribbean island where we lived for a few years, I have trouble with the dogma of orthodoxy. C Che was raised southern Baptist, but lately has identified […] Continue Reading…

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicken Fried Rice Review

Mountain House dried

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Checken Fried Rice is a worthy addition to your bug out bag and emergency rations.
Be Prepared, Even In a Big City
While I wouldn’t call us full-on preppers, C. Che and I do like to be prepared for emergencies. Yes, we live in a luxury skyscraper in way downtown NYC, but we came through several hurricanes when […] Continue Reading…

Marijuana is the Safest Recreational Drug

marijuana is the safest

According to Scientific Reports, marijuana is the safest recreational drug.
We always knew in our hearts and minds that marijuana is safe. The worst thing you ever hear about our favorite plant is weight gain from eating too much.

As reported by, pot is 114 times safer than alcohol. Yes, you read that correctly. Marijuana is 114 times safer than […] Continue Reading…