Zombies Taking Over the World

Zombies Take Over the World?
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019: 19:30 EDT

English: Zombies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The entire Korean Peninsula has been overrun by what are now being called ‘Zombies’. As many U.S. citizens, military personnel and their dependents as possible have been evacuated. There is no official word on the number of casualties are estimated […] Continue Reading…

Zombies or North Korean Uprising?

Zombies or A North Korean Uprising?
MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2019: 11:38 EDT

Speaking on behalf of President Romney, who is still on his honeymoon yachting somewhere off the coast of the South of France, Press Secretary Crawford Turdoler confirmed that the government of North Korea has indeed begun what appears to be mass open-air executions of its rioting citizens […] Continue Reading…

Zombie Killing Stoners – North Korea

Zombies in North Korea?
MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2019: 09:56 EDT

English: area map of Pyongyang Category:North Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This disturbing news just in from CNN’s Seoul, South Korea office.

Sources in North Korea tell us that there have been unconfirmed reports of numerous violent attacks involving the attackers viciously biting the victims. These reports also […] Continue Reading…

Zombie Killing Stoners – Prologue Part 1

Zombie Killing Stoners by C. Che Bhalin & Professor B.T. Mienoré
Sit back folks, smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, and enjoy a tale of Homeric proportions about the end of the world. We start at the beginning of a Herculean endeavor by a group of the most unlikely of Argonauts that chance could have assembled to claim their piece […] Continue Reading…