Meet Juniper Peanut-Darlin’


I realized this weekend that I haven’t updated this blog in almost six months. So I wanted to reassure you that C. Che and I are still here – We Are Not Zombies!

Meet Juniper Peanut-Darlin’

When Miss Smiley passed away in January, we were devastated! When I saw the ads for Adoptapalooza at Union Square park in April, where the corporate sponsors cover all adoption fees, 100I put it on the calendar.

C. Che didn’t want to go and kept coming up with excuses. I ignored him, and we are both happy that I did!

When we moved to Turks and Caicos, Miss Smiley adopted us. She just started showing up regularly and insistently until we took her in full time. C. Che wanted that to happen here.

So, we showed up at Union Square at the start time, landlord and vet references in hand and two others ready to call. And at the Posh Pets Rescue table this little girl leaped into C. Che’s arms in a full-on front hug. He put her down and she jumped on me. And so it went.

Her name is Juniper and she was rescued from dog meat butchers in Thailand by Soi Dog. The butchers like the dogs to be scared, because it flavors the meet, so the dogs are basically tortured – kept packed in tiny cages, starved, and often skinned alive while the other dogs listen and watch. She is 5 years old, 30#, scarred everywhere, totally scared, and sweet as can be.

Four and a half month later, with tons of love and great training from Tasha Bute, she is calmer and we are totally in love. We have discovered some old injuries that cause some chronic pain and that she takes stress into her guts (the canine version of human colitis and IBS), but all told, she is wonderful!

Follow her on Instagram @juniperpeanut.


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