Bong of the Dead

Bong of the Dead pits some creative stoners against the Zombie Apocalypse.

What would you do if the Zombie Apocalypse came and you ran out of weed?

At some point the Zombie Killing Stoners will have to address this dilemma, and figure out how to produce more.

In this 2011 low-budget horror movie (made for $5000 by Thams Newman), the stoners decide to use dead zombies as fertilizer.

While Bong of the Dead is not great, the trailer is packed full of all the best scenes!


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Norman Reedus on Celebrity Zombies

Norman Reedus dishes about celebrity Zombies that would scare him.

If you love zombies, and all things The Walking Dead, then you certainly know the name Norman Reedus.

In his promotional appearances surrounding the fourth season of TWD, Reedus appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael.

“The three people I would be scared of if they were zombies: Lucy Liu, Sean Patrick Flanery, and maybe like Howard Stern.”

Ha! Howard Stern would make a messy and obnoxious zombie. I agree.


Cannon Fodder – First Israeli Zombie Movie

Cannon Fodder is the first Israeli Zombie movie!

One of the premises of Zombie Killing Stoners is that the Zompoc will spread globally, and will spread quickly.

For us, North Korea was the perfect place to start the Zombie Apocalypse, since we know so little about the North Koreans, and they tend to be so insular.

For the Israelis, Lebanon, headquarters of the Hezbollah, would be primary Zompoc breeding ground.

Cannon Fodder follows four IDF soldiers who infiltrate Lebanon to stop the Zombie hordes from spreading.

Here is the official Plot Summary:

An Israeli Defense Forces Special Ops unit is sent into Southern Lebanon to capture Terrorist Leader and number 3 in the terrorist organization of Hezbollah, Only to face something much worse. Doron Geva, an IDF security operative takes on the mission. Together with an elite force which he had never met, Doron enters Lebanon to complete his last mission. Very soon he discovers that reality is not so simple and that a new and unknown enemy is to be dealt with — and Hezbollah are the last thing on his mind.

Doron has to deal with soldiers he does not trust, cooperation with enemy forces, a ticking clock in the form of extensive IDF attack and worst of all: a bloodthirsty enemy, cruel and bestial — that does not show mercy or reason — and this enemy bites!

Now that their enemy has changed its face, it’s up to Doron and his unit to wage a new war, a different war- In order to find an antidote and get back across the border before the Middle East conflict is changed forever, for the worse…

“Cannon Fodder” is an independent Israeli Action Horror film, one of the first to be made in these genres in Israel, and first Israeli Film that brings the Undead into the big screen.

Check out the trailer. Note the funny kishke cholent joke!


Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – The Movie

pro-wrestlers vs. zombies

Will You Watch Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies – the Movie?

I used to watch pro wrestling as a teenager in upstate New York, and I always loved the whole spectacle of it. Big strong men and women in character with awesome costumes and special effects. What more could you want?

I was waiting for the wrestlers to jump on the zombie bandwagon, and here they are!


Big names – Rowdy Roddy Piper, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Taya Parker. And lots of violence!

Should be some good zombie fun!

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies will be in theaters March 28.

Zombie Pizza Box Prank

zombie pizza box prank

It’s a Zombie Pizza Box Prank!

Imagine opening a pizza box and having a zombie pop up.

It’s like the old head popping out of a box toy that we all loved to be scared by as kids.

This zombie pizza box prank video is very funny and not too horrifying. Enjoy!


Zombie On Elevator Prank

zombie on elevator

This Zombie on Elevator Prank is pretty funny.

Most of the zombie prank videos happening take place in the outdoors, but sometimes zombies show up inside.

Riding an elevator with other humans can be uncomfortable and weird. How about riding with a zombie?

Here we get people’s reactions to walking on an elevator with a zombie. Pretty funny!


Another NYC Zombie Prank

Another NYC Zombie Prank!

You so enjoyed the video of The Walking Dead zombie prank at NYC’s Union Square, that I thought I would share another fun NYC zombie prank.

So funny, since here the zombies actually touch the people. Not just under a subway grate.