Halloween Book Giveaway

Halloween Book Giveaway: Zombie and Dystopian Books from Survival Mom

halloween book giveaway

Our friends over at the Survival Mom Blog are doing a Halloween book giveaway, and we are happy to say that we are involved!

Halloween is always a favorite holiday for us Zombie lovers, and C. Che and I are excited to be in the great company of authors we know and love.

In addition to Bobby Adair’s great Slow Burn series and Liz Long’s YA OMG! Not the Zombies! (Stuff Hits the Fan Book 1), you can enter to win signed copies of both Zombie Killing Stoners books in paperback, along with a copy of Survival Mom by Lisa Bedford.

There are some interesting dystopian novels as well, including Adair’s Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller – timely, even though it was written before our current Ebola situation.

The giveaway is live thru November 2, 2014.

Go on over to the Survival Mom Halloween Book Giveaway now to enter to win!

Do the Walking Dead Weapons Really Work?

Watch shooting legend Jerry Miculek try the Walking Dead weapons.

He’s going for the zombie head shot on the Halloween edition of Gun Myths.

Watch as Jerry Miculek uses the various Walking Dead weapons that we see every Sunday. See what works and what doesn’t.

The zombie and creepy clown zombie heads are awesome!

Jerry uses various weaponry such as the Colt Python, Steyr AUG, Cold Steel Katana, and a crossbow to find out if it’s actually possible to pull off the amazing feats of shooting and decapitation as seen in the TV series, ‘The Walking Dead’.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Pilates

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse requires Pilates skills, one of which is physical fitness.

With the new season of Walking Dead about to begin, my google alerts are once again becoming inundated with articles on how to prepare for the coming Zombie Apocalypse (Zompoc).

English: Staff Sgt. Aron Reyes, U.S. Army Forc...
English: Staff Sgt. Aron Reyes, U.S. Army Forces Command, pushes through the Army Physical Fitness Test on Sept. 30, during the 2009 Department of the Army’s Best Warrior Competition at Fort Lee, Va. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And while we have written a couple of fun novels about how urban folks band together to survive, we are also extremely aware of what skills we all really do need to survive any kind of emergency situation.

At base, we need to be physically fit to survive. We need Pilates.

See, Joseph Pilates was a survivor. He grew up in pre-WWI Germany with rickets, asthma, and a weird last name that sounded suspiciously like Pontius Pilate. Kids made fun of him.

So he studied the history of physical fitness and pulled out what worked.

Good thing.

When Joseph Pilates was interned as an enemy alien by the British, he was able to keep himself and the men who exercised with him healthy. They survived. They did what we now know to be Pilates mat, which then started with jumping jacks, squats and lunges. And ended with planks and push ups.

If your body is weak and imbalanced, you will not survive.

If your back goes out, you will not survive.

If you are so tight that bending over hurts, you will not survive.

If your powerhouse is weak, so that you cannot lift heavy objects or support another person’s weight, you will not survive.

You see, surviving the Zombie Apocalypse requires strength, flexibility, and functionality on multiple levels. So does Pilates.

We maintain that doing Pilates will increase your chances of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Try it!

Can You Kill A Zombie With A Bong?

Can you kill a zombie with a bong?

In Zombie Killing Stoners, we kill zombies in many interesting ways with lots of cool weapons – fasthawks, knives, swords, guns, golf clubs, etc.

But in general, we keep the stoner recreational items out of the killing fray.

Could it happen that we would need to use a bong to kill a zombie? I suppose it could.

Can you kill a zombie with a bong? Here is what happens when the bong meets the zombie head.


Stoner Survival Rules for the Zompoc – Head Shots

Stoner Survival Rules for the Zompoc – Head Shots

As you may be able to tell, C Che and I love us a good Stoner survival after the Zompoc video, be it a home movie, video game, or cartoon.

After the Zompoc, an unlikely LA couple survives.

“Christian, a dumb lovable stoner who learned his zombie fighting skills from B-action movies, and Zelda, the bitchy badass who learned her zombie fighting skills from video games and comic books.”

In this installment, they teach us Stoners survival rules for killing zombies – why head shots are the only way to go.


Review: Survival P51 Can Opener

Survival P51 Can Opener

The Survival P51 Can Opener is awesome! Nothing else compares.

5/5 Stars

I purchased the survival P51 can opener to go into our BOB. I was looking for this exact style that my father, a career Navy Seal, used when he was in the military.

They came earlier than stated and were EXACTLY what the photo and description led me to believe, stamped “US, Shelby Co.”, not “Made In China”. They arrived just before I was getting ready to feed Miss Smiley, so I tested one on her canned food.

I simply hooked the little notch behind the cutter blade, made a few twisty movements, and voila! My doggy was wagging her tail over a full bowl of food. If you’ve never used one, no problem. It is easy to figure out.

They are a no frills way to open a can or use as an emergency screwdriver. I even used one long ago as a wire stripper when I lost my Swiss Army knife.

Seriously folks you can’t beat these little gems, buy more than one and put them in your car, your keychain, your BOB, your… Oh heck, just get them! They will come in handy after the Zompoc!

2 Pack Survival Kit Can Opener, Military, P-51 Model

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