Stuff Stoners Say

Stuff Stoners Say

OK, this video is truly funny, especially since I know the women behind last year’s Sh-t Brooklyn Mom’s Say.

This is NOT safe for work, but if you are or have ever been a stoner, you will get a kick out of this.

Definitely a Zombie Killing Stoners favorite!


What Type of Stoner Are You?

type of stoner - pot leaf

What type of stoner are you?

We all know the Klutz, the Sneak A Toke, and the Newbie. I have been known to be a Storyteller who never passes the bowl!

Enjoy. And leave a comment letting me know what type of stoner you either are, or would be if you smoked marijuana.


Stoners and Zombies

stoners and zombies

Stoners and Zombies go very well together.

Here is a short film about a group of stoners who survive the Zompoc in their car. Funny and gory!


Marijuana Tourism and Taxes

Marijuana tourism is alive and well in the US!

Back when I was in high school and college, marijuana tourism meant getting a passport and flying to Amsterdam. In 2014, it’s a relatively short flight to Colorado.

Legal marijuana combined with great skiing and hiking, and no passport necessary? C. Che and I are planing a trip as I type this!

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are loosely tracking where their customers come from. So far they are seeing a lot of Texans, as well as residents of the Eastern seaboard. Yes, marijuana tourism in Colorado has begun.

January 2014 marijuana sales generated $1 million in taxes. Yes, that is $1 million towards education, infrastructure, maintenance, and tourism.

We predict that as quality of life goes up in Colorado and other states that legalize recreational, as well medical, marijuana, the rest of the country will take notice. These are the states that will have the funds to attract great teachers, doctors, and businesses.

Colorado is predicting an extra $67 million annually, which is nearly twice as much as the state receives from alcohol taxes.

As a side note, I find it interesting that nobody thought about the banking and cash issue.

Basically, since selling marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, and our banks are regulated by the federal government, banks are refusing to do business with marijuana retailers.

This leaves the shop owners with a big security issue – namely, too much cash. Imagine having to bring $50,000 in cash to the state tax office. And the possibility of being robbed while en route.

The Department of Justice is supposed to be issuing a memo to the affected parties, clarifying the Federal government’s stance on US banks accepting money earned from marijuana sales. It is predicted to be too little, too late.

We are just happy that recreational pot is legal somewhere in the US!

Episode 2 Is Coming In 2014

Zombie Killing Stoners, Episode 2: The Coming Storm is almost ready!

Alright stoners and zombie fans – here comes Episode 2!

I have to confess that finishing Episode 2 has been tougher than completing the first episode of Zombie Killing Stoners. And I’m not sure why.

You would think that once a story is set in motion, with pre-existing plots and characters, that moving forward would be a cinch. In reality, not so much. I found that I was much pickier with my editing this round, really trying to make this book better. C. Che even complained at my strident editing!

I do believe we succeeded in putting out a worthy sequel! Episode 2 is a bit darker than the first. We introduce new characters and new Zombie-filled scenarios, and delve deeper into the core folks you know and love from Episode 1 – Woods, Polly, Divsha, Ronnie, and Chuck.

All we are waiting for is the final cover art, and that should be complete within the week.

So Happy New Year 2014 and Happy New Episode 2014 from C.Che, Prof, Miss Smiley, and the Zombie Killing Stoners crew!






Giving Thanks

Even Zombie book authors need to give Thanks!

C Che and I spent our first Thanksgiving with my family in over a decade. (In our defense, we lived out of the country for 7 years of that decade.)

It was fun explaining to everyone what the books are about. Apparently zombies, high-functioning stoner mercenaries, our building in lower Manhattan, and survival are not first and foremost in most people’s minds.

This year we give thanks to:

  • The Zombie Killing Stoners fans who read our blog, buy our books, and give us great feedback (that probably means you).
  • Our friends and family who listen to us talk about our work on ZKS and pretend to care.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing for giving us an easy platform to sell our stories.
  • Stuff Stoners Like for featuring us in an awesome Halloweed interview – our first interview since Episode 1 dropped.
  • Our wonderful bud delivery service that keeps us inspired.
  • And last, but not least, Miss Smiley. For picking us to be her humans and hanging out with us for the last 8 years. Best dog ever!

Smiley Dog

Halloween Is Coming

Halloween means a gift for Zombie Killing Stoners fans on!

I’m not sure what Halloween means to you, but to zombie-obsessed stoners like myself and C. Che, it will generally involve some wonderful combination of kind bud, candy, and zombies.

But this year will be even more special.

We just completed a fun interview with the fabulously fried folks at Stuff Stoners Like (one of my personal favorite websites), which will be live for your reading pleasure on Halloween.

You will learn a lot about the best kind of marijuana for zombie killing and writing zombie books, why our explosions are so awesome, more about our political point of view, and our commitment to the classic Romero zombie.

And, just because we love them (and you) so much, we are giving our Stoner buds (and you) a special surprise from the upcoming Zombie Killing Stoners: Episode Two! New characters and everything.

So check out on October 31, 2013 for a treat (and maybe a trick or two) from the ZKS.

And check out Zombie Killing Stoners: Episode One for your Kindle or iPad. Only $2.99.