You and Your Bong Will Love Piece Water

Your Bong Needs Piece Water!

Ever since the advent of medical marijuana in the US, delivery systems have gotten more complex. Instead of smoking a joint, bowl, or bong, now we have concentrates, pens, dabs, edibles….

But C Che and I are old school, preferring a nice bong hit on our lovely 9″ glass Roor.

Now, bongs are not the cleanest things in the world. They smell, resin and tar build up in the bong and any component parts, and quite a bit of particulate matter comes up through the water (which is a problem if you are a stoner with asthma, like C Che). We end up using iso alcohol to get our piece clean, which can be intense but better than the poisonous “bong cleaners” you can buy.

A couple of weeks ago our good friends at Stuff Stoners Like did a Piece Water review and giveaway, and we won!

We were so skeptical, for no reason. Piece Water worked so well, on so many levels, that we immediately ordered three 12oz. bottles.

Piece Water solves every bong issue! All of them.

Piece Water is All Natural

Unlike iso alcohol and other caustic cleaners, Piece Water is all natural. It is water blended with fruit, mineral, and vegetable extracts. We poured it into a measuring cup, and it left a slight film on the glass. It is slightly thicker than water, completely odorless, and tasteless.

Just Rinse Your Bong Clean With Water

Instead of spending lots of time soaking, shaking, and scrubbing your bong, with Piece Water you just pour out the contents and rinse your bong with warm water. Seriously, that’s it! No build up on the sides or on the stem.

Less Smell

bongI don’t know about you, but I hate stinky bong water. Normally we change the water at least once a day just to handle smell and build-up.

We decided to really push things, letting the bong go close to three days without a change (over 125 hits, my friends). Not only did the water still not smell too bad, but there was no build-up.


Cleaner Smoke

This was the most surprising for us, and ultimately the reason why we immediately ordered more Piece Water. With his asthma, C Che normally coughs a lot when he smokes, and ends up coughing up a lot of the particulate.

In the first use, he noticed a huge difference – smoother hits, and much less coughing up of particulate. And this was true even when the water looked like this after a few days!

I noticed a difference too. Less particulate means I can take bigger hits and hold them longer without coughing, leading to a more satisfying experience.

Having to go back to regular water for a few days was a huge bummer! Luckily Piece Water’s free shipping is USPS Priority Mail, so we had it in two business days.

Piece Water Is Cost Effective

Piece Water comes in 12oz. bottles, and the best deal is 3 @ $25. Our globe-bottomed 9″ Roor takes 3oz. and we like to change it every other day, so this lasts us a little over three weeks. Not bad at all!

Zombie Killing Stoners love Piece Water!

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicken Fried Rice Review

Mountain House dried

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Checken Fried Rice is a worthy addition to your bug out bag and emergency rations.

Be Prepared, Even In a Big City

While I wouldn’t call us full-on preppers, C. Che and I do like to be prepared for emergencies. Yes, we live in a luxury skyscraper in way downtown NYC, but we came through several hurricanes when we lived in the Caribbean and in our first winter back in the states we went through Hurricane Sandy in lower Manhattan.

No power when you have a dog and live on the 22nd floor means that you relay on one emergency elevator. But when that elevator is awaiting fuel for the emergency generators, that means walking 22 flights for dog walks and supply/food runs.

Store MREs and Freeze-Dried Foods

While we do store some military MREs, which we replenished from National Guard supplies after Sandy, they are not our favorite. Salty, pasty, and low in fiber, they keep you alive and active (and constipated).

My concern about freeze-dried food was that it would be salty and spongy, but this was much less salty than a cup of ramen noodles with way more nutrients.

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicked Fried Rice

This Mountain House freeze-dried chicken fried rice is good for 12 years, and is full of chicken, egg, and vegetables. It is surprisingly low in salt, using other seasonings. It took 15 minutes total from putting water on to eating, and was very easy.

Here is the product before adding water.

Mountain House dried

Pour in 1.5 cups boiling water, stir, close.

Mountain House mid-cooking

Open and stir after 4 minutes. It will look like this:

Mountain House Done

Close again for 4-5 minutes. And it’s ready.

I took a photo of the finished rice in a glass bowl so you can see the finished product. It is good! The meat is not spongy, the vegetables not too soft or too chewy, and the rice has some texture.

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Chicken Fried Rice

All in all, an appetizing meal in a bag. We liked it so much that we now own the Mountain House Best Sellers Pack!

Calling All Indie Book Reviewers

indie book reviewers

Indie Book Reviewers – Help Us By Reviewing Our Books!

I realized this week that we have given away hundreds of copies of both ZKS books, and very very few of our readers have bothered to review them on Amazon. And even folks who requested the books have also not reviewed them.

While it is always understandable that indie book reviewers, like everyone else, get busy or forget, I have always tried to review anything I agree to as soon as possible, especially when I get the book or product for free. It takes little effort on my part and helps someone else out. A win-win!

That said, we would love some new reviews!

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, our books are free!

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can borrow both books for free!

And if you contact us and want to read and review, I will send you copies for free.
Zombie Killing Stoners, Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess
Zombie Killing Stoners, Episode 2: The Coming Storm

So, if you review indie books, and zombie books in particular, let us know in the comments below and we will hook you up. All we ask in exchange is a review on your blog and on Amazon.


.99 Zombie Kindle Books (and a Review)

99 zombie kindle books

Zombie Killing Stoners – .99 Zombie Kindle Books!

If you have been waiting for a sale on the Zombie Killing Stoners books, now is the time to buy!

Both Zombie Killing Stoners Episodes are on sale for only .99 thru Monday, and then will still be a low $1.99 for a few days after.

And as always, they are both completely FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

C Che’s Review of Dead Island: Operation Zulu (5 Stars)

This is definitely going in my desert island reading list. An almost perfect blend of action, humor, and terror. The zombies are nasty and hungry, the heroes and villains are badass but not invulnerable superstars (spoiler….. the women are just as badass as the dudes).

I would love it if Mr. Gambia would continue with this group of compatriots in other adventures.

So go ahead and read this first installment – we think you will like it!

Review: Survival P51 Can Opener

Survival P51 Can Opener

The Survival P51 Can Opener is awesome! Nothing else compares.

5/5 Stars

I purchased the survival P51 can opener to go into our BOB. I was looking for this exact style that my father, a career Navy Seal, used when he was in the military.

They came earlier than stated and were EXACTLY what the photo and description led me to believe, stamped “US, Shelby Co.”, not “Made In China”. They arrived just before I was getting ready to feed Miss Smiley, so I tested one on her canned food.

I simply hooked the little notch behind the cutter blade, made a few twisty movements, and voila! My doggy was wagging her tail over a full bowl of food. If you’ve never used one, no problem. It is easy to figure out.

They are a no frills way to open a can or use as an emergency screwdriver. I even used one long ago as a wire stripper when I lost my Swiss Army knife.

Seriously folks you can’t beat these little gems, buy more than one and put them in your car, your keychain, your BOB, your… Oh heck, just get them! They will come in handy after the Zompoc!

2 Pack Survival Kit Can Opener, Military, P-51 Model

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Book Review: Dead Team Alpha by Jake Bible

dead team alpha

Book Review: Dead Team Alpha by Jake Bible ROCKS!

5/5 stars

I’ve read theĀ Z-Burbia: A Zombie Novel series and really enjoyed each installment (and the subtle connections in Dead Team Alpha).

Dead Team Alpha: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller unmercifully grabs you from the first page and doesn’t stop. The action is fast paced, fierce, and graphic.

It was great to see the issue of sexuality addressed in a realistic way (seems the Zpoc finally got rid of the h8ters – 5 stars for that alone). The ending left the tickle of more to come in the DTA world.

I, for one, can’t wait!

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New Amazon Reviews – 5 Stars

New Amazon Reviews of ZKS Episodes One and Two Give It 5 Stars!

It is always exciting to check Amazon after doing some Kindle free days to see if any new reviews have cropped up.

Today is one of those exciting days! We have a new 5 Star review of each Episode!

Thanks to reviewer Liz Long

For Episode 1: Rescuing the Samoan Princess

It is a short book, but it left me wanting more. The lead characters are well prepared thanks to their job in the security field. One of them is a drag queen, which is well done, IMHO. There are nice details like a custom-made dress dummy for Polly included in the story, but it feels like a natural part of the story. This whole episode definitely feels like the set-up for a series, so just know going in that you won’t get closure. But that’s why it’s “episode 1” not “the whole story”!

OK, so they didn’t hire a professional proofreader – the reality is that indie authors usually can’t afford it. It’s still a fun book!

And for Episode 2: The Coming Storm

Really, it’s hard to find something different about the Z.A. This book manages to do that. As we learn early on, the building is quite secure from anyone outside getting in. It’s the first time I’ve read a book with a true safe space in Manhattan. Seeing how they keep it safe, especially given the hazards already locked in with them, and move forward should be a fun ride.This book also introduces new characters and stories from outside their building to start making the world a little fuller. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all intersect.

So if you haven’t read them yet, go now! You will be so happy you did.
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