Zombie Killing Stoners in Paperback

Read Zombie Killing Stoners in Paperback

Now you can read Zombie Killing Stoners in Paperback and Ebook formats.

When we first launched Zombie Killing Stoners, we chose Amazon KDP and only published ebooks, naively assuming that publishing on paper would not only be costly and a pain, but would look cheap and self-published.

But being the middle-aged stoners that we are, we just didn’t feel published without feeling and seeing a physical book.

We went with Amazon’s CreateSpace, and now you can read Zombie Killing Stoners in paperback! Here is what our books look like:

The Front Covers:


The Back Covers:


And the inside:


They look great! Now you can read ZKS in any format, and we can sell copies at book fairs, zombie fairs, and ComicCons!

Here are the Amazon pages for the print books:

We Have Real Books 0

real books

We have Episodes 1 and 2 in real paper book form – we have real books!

Maybe it’s an age thing (I am 47 and C. Che is closing in on 60), but we like to know that a book is a book.

Yes, we were early Amazon Kindle adopters and read mostly ebooks, but when you publish a book there is nothing like seeing a physical copy.

Since we used Amazon KDP so successfully to get the ebooks ready for sale, we decided to use Amazon’s CreateSpace for the printed books. Between them and our beautiful cover design by Liz Torres, our books look beautiful.

We did the inside in Garamond, so it easy to read. Each book is $6.99 and around 135 pages.

Look for us at Book Expo and NY ComicCon this year.

Also, our friends at Stuff Stoners Like are giving away ZKS t-shirts.

Check it out!

Proof Copies of ZKS Are Coming

proof copies zks

Proof Copies of ZKS Episodes 1 & 2 are on the way from Createspace!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that we were waiting for Createspace to approve Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1 and Episode 2 for print publication.

Plus, we are old enough that we don’t really feel published without a physical book.

The novellas are short enough that Createspace cannot print title and author on the spine (110 and 117 pages, respectively), so maybe after we write a few more we will bundle a few into combined omnibus edition just to have some spine printing action. For now we want them separate.

It was interesting formatting the book interiors. Blank pages needed to be inserted where appropriate, page numbers added back in, and pages made smaller (5″ x 8″ vs. 8.5″ x 11″). None of this is crucial for Kindle, since there the text is responsive.

Anyway, we will have hard copies in hand one week from tomorrow.

We can’t wait!