Halloween Book Giveaway

Halloween Book Giveaway: Zombie and Dystopian Books from Survival Mom

halloween book giveaway

Our friends over at the Survival Mom Blog are doing a Halloween book giveaway, and we are happy to say that we are involved!

Halloween is always a favorite holiday for us Zombie lovers, and C. Che and I are excited to be in the great company of authors we know and love.

In addition to Bobby Adair’s great Slow Burn series and Liz Long’s YA OMG! Not the Zombies! (Stuff Hits the Fan Book 1), you can enter to win signed copies of both Zombie Killing Stoners books in paperback, along with a copy of Survival Mom by Lisa Bedford.

There are some interesting dystopian novels as well, including Adair’s Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller – timely, even though it was written before our current Ebola situation.

The giveaway is live thru November 2, 2014.

Go on over to the Survival Mom Halloween Book Giveaway now to enter to win!

Contest – Help Us Name New ZKS Characters

Zombie for exciting wp discussions

Contest – Help Us Name New Zombie Killing Stoners Characters

Hiya ZKS fans,

C. Che here with The Prof.

We want to thank everyone for your overwhelmingly positive reception of the first in the ZKS series. Now we want to give you a chance to join along and be part of the story.

We are currently taking a short respite as we continue exploring the shit storm that hit after the Zombies became the Boss Bitches around the world. It is a forced respite, however, and we really need your help.

You see kids, this is what went down. Our beloved assistant, Ms. Smiley, is outside of the country performing… ah, shall we say a “clandestine research mission?” No, scratch mission, too gov… use, ummm, project? Nah, assignment; yes, Ms. Smiley is on a “clandestine research assignment.”

Thanks to the Great Doobie Higher Power and Fun Machine, Ms. Smiley is in a secure location and protected by some of her fellow Ca… (Wait, what’s that B.T.? Oh shit, you’re right. This is top secret, and we’d hafta eliminate anyone outside who gets their hands on this.) Let us say just that Ms. Smiley is safe from detection and harm.

While she is safe, she unfortunately has all of our ZKS dossiers, and most importantly those containing our lists of deep cover names to assign the new ZKS operatives appearing in an upcoming episode. This intel cannot, repeat cannot, be sent by Ms. Smiley as it would put her in mortal danger. She has begged us to allow her to make this sacrifice for the good of humanity, but after a very heated exchange she accepted our refusal.

This is where we need the help of our awesome bodacious ZKS readers.

Two new characters will be joining Woods & co. shortly, and we need you guys to help us name them. Bet you’d like a little bit more to work with, huh? Well now, that’s the interesting part. If we tell you something about the characters it will influence your choice of name.

We would rather give you kids a blank canvas to finger paint on. So do whatever you enjoy doing to get your juices flowing (B.T., stop it! You ancient horny perv…) and your brain cooking, and…

Leave a comment on this post with up to two names you are suggesting, as well as your name and email (so we can contact you if you win) by February 9, 2013.

Nothing is out of bounds. It can be ANY sex, ethnicity, nationality, planet, body function, car, even your name… You get it, right?

If we choose your name(s), we will thank you in the acknowledgement and send you the new ebook episode for free.


Peace and Equality,
C.Che and The Prof