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Book Cover Art for Zombie Killing Stoners (or any book) is as important as the book content, but harder to complete!

Zombie Killing Stoners Episode 1

You will all be happy to hear that the book content for Episode 2 is complete. All I have to do is format the html file and upload to KDP.

Oh, and have a cover.

It is harder to settle on a cover than you might imagine. We could always go the canned cover route, and work with something typically Zombie or horror-themed. But that doesn’t really represent the story.

Our first cover sort of gets there. There is a NYC skyline, but it unclear where the people are and what they are doing. They look awfully relaxed for people heading into a Zompoc. The zombie skull isn’t quite zombie enough, and the bong is, well, more of a stylized hookah.

So I went back on Fiverr and picked another graphic artist. We got a canned zombie cover with a pot leaf – still not quite what we want, since our book is so survivor focused.

I finally made the decision to hire someone here in NYC. And actual graphic designer who is also a friend – Liz Torres!

We can’t wait to see what kind of fun ideas she comes up with. And we hope that you will all see her work very, very soon!

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