You and Your Bong Will Love Piece Water

Your Bong Needs Piece Water!

Ever since the advent of medical marijuana in the US, delivery systems have gotten more complex. Instead of smoking a joint, bowl, or bong, now we have concentrates, pens, dabs, edibles….

But C Che and I are old school, preferring a nice bong hit on our lovely 9″ glass Roor.

Now, bongs are not the cleanest things in the world. They smell, resin and tar build up in the bong and any component parts, and quite a bit of particulate matter comes up through the water (which is a problem if you are a stoner with asthma, like C Che). We end up using iso alcohol to get our piece clean, which can be intense but better than the poisonous “bong cleaners” you can buy.

A couple of weeks ago our good friends at Stuff Stoners Like did a Piece Water review and giveaway, and we won!

We were so skeptical, for no reason. Piece Water worked so well, on so many levels, that we immediately ordered three 12oz. bottles.

Piece Water solves every bong issue! All of them.

Piece Water is All Natural

Unlike iso alcohol and other caustic cleaners, Piece Water is all natural. It is water blended with fruit, mineral, and vegetable extracts. We poured it into a measuring cup, and it left a slight film on the glass. It is slightly thicker than water, completely odorless, and tasteless.

Just Rinse Your Bong Clean With Water

Instead of spending lots of time soaking, shaking, and scrubbing your bong, with Piece Water you just pour out the contents and rinse your bong with warm water. Seriously, that’s it! No build up on the sides or on the stem.

Less Smell

bongI don’t know about you, but I hate stinky bong water. Normally we change the water at least once a day just to handle smell and build-up.

We decided to really push things, letting the bong go close to three days without a change (over 125 hits, my friends). Not only did the water still not smell too bad, but there was no build-up.


Cleaner Smoke

This was the most surprising for us, and ultimately the reason why we immediately ordered more Piece Water. With his asthma, C Che normally coughs a lot when he smokes, and ends up coughing up a lot of the particulate.

In the first use, he noticed a huge difference – smoother hits, and much less coughing up of particulate. And this was true even when the water looked like this after a few days!

I noticed a difference too. Less particulate means I can take bigger hits and hold them longer without coughing, leading to a more satisfying experience.

Having to go back to regular water for a few days was a huge bummer! Luckily Piece Water’s free shipping is USPS Priority Mail, so we had it in two business days.

Piece Water Is Cost Effective

Piece Water comes in 12oz. bottles, and the best deal is 3 @ $25. Our globe-bottomed 9″ Roor takes 3oz. and we like to change it every other day, so this lasts us a little over three weeks. Not bad at all!

Zombie Killing Stoners love Piece Water!

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