About the Authors

About the authors C. Che Bhalin and Professor B.T. Meinoré

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C. Che

Not much is known about the mysterious and reclusive C. Che Bhalin, other than these few facts:

Born and raised in the Deep South.
A freethinking progressive gentleman.
Swam with sharks and alligators and still has all his digits.
The US Government and Interpol deny any knowledge of him.
Spent significant time in dubious South American and Caribbean countries.
It is said that he and the Professor courted over tequila while dancing in the rain.
He writes a mean zombie apocalypse story.

Prof. B.T.

Professor B.T. Mienoré has been the writing partner, encourager, and cohort of C. Che Bhalin for many moons. The Prof is the yin to C. Che’s yang.

While C. Che creates, the Professor provides structure, editing, and more detailed explanations while making sure the bowl is full and ready ;).

The Prof deals with all of Zombie Killing Stoners’ PR, social media, and blogging.

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