You and Your Bong Will Love Piece Water

2016-03-20 00.41.11

Your Bong Needs Piece Water!
Ever since the advent of medical marijuana in the US, delivery systems have gotten more complex. Instead of smoking a joint, bowl, or bong, now we have concentrates, pens, dabs, edibles….

But C Che and I are old school, preferring a nice bong hit on our lovely 9″ glass Roor.

Now, bongs are not the cleanest things […] Continue Reading…

Amazon TOS Now Covers the Zombie Apocalypse


Amazon TOS Now Covers the Zombie Apocalypse
Now game developers who are working with Amazon’s new Lumberyard Materials can truly help out in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. The Amazon TOS now covers the Zombie Apocalypse.

So, while in normal times developers must not write game software to be used militarily, this rule is dropped during the Zompoc.

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RIP Miss Smiley (Best Dog Ever)


RIP Miss Smiley (Best Dog Ever)
Miss Smiley was 13 years old, and we had her for 11 of those years.

I remember well the day I met her. C Che had moved to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, several weeks before me. One night he told me about this Potcake stray who was showing up at our house every night.
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Marijuana Munchies

marijuana munchies

Marijuana Munchies
Many people, such as cancer patients, use marijuana precisely to increase their appetites and gain weight. Other folks need to control their marijuana munchies to maintain or lose weight.  The Munchies is one of the most famous and often reported effects of cannabis.
Why does cannabis cause increased appetite?
This has to do with how the human brain reacts to […] Continue Reading…

Zombie Nativity Scene Approved

Zombie Nativity Scene

The Infamous Zombie Nativity Scene of Ohio Has Finally Been Approved
We are so thankful to live in New York City, where people are generally pretty tolerant of their neighbors. In fact, I could see any fun take on a Nativity Scene going over well here, where people have a sense of humor.

Things haven’t gone so well for Jasen Dixon […] Continue Reading…

Top 10 Movie Zombies

top 10 movie zombies

Top 10 Movie Zombies are here!
Lists abound of the top Zombie movies, Zombie shows, Zombie books. But even in a great Zombie movie, there is usually just one or two Zombies that we really remember (especially since we tend to smoke a lot of pot during movies, which can make it hard to remember).

The guys at have come […] Continue Reading…